This comic involves the depiction of often severe gang violence. This is not meant to function as a glorification of gang violence or assault weapons. In no way is this lifestyle synonymous with freedom or heroism for the protagonists. Pages will be tagged with warnings.
Posted February 2, 2018 at 2:02 pm
2/02/18-- Hey everyone!! If you haven't noticed yet, the site here has undergone a major change!! Larkspur is now officially being published by Hiveworks under the Mary's Monster imprint, and with that we got a new shiny website. :) Not much else is gonna change, update schedule is the same and I will be working on update things like the cast page and such over the weekend. Also, reminder that there are new posts up on Patreon for both public and patron-only viewing!

Funny enough, it just so happens that I ended up at the location of this scene a few days ago when my class went down to so evals at Penn's med school. I got a ton of food. Cheers!

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