This comic involves the depiction of often severe gang violence. This is not meant to function as a glorification of gang violence or assault weapons. In no way is this lifestyle synonymous with freedom or heroism for the protagonists. Pages will be tagged with warnings.
Posted February 5, 2018 at 1:00 pm
Hey guys! Still getting used to the new comic control set up, so if anything looks wonky with the page, that's probably why. I said before on a previous update, but this is around the time I was experimenting with a different lineart style that is ultimately short lived (it ended up being way more time consuming to do this then to just do thick/line varied inks). Not exactly the best decision for consistency but I suppose it's better to iron out these things out in book one while things are still kinda new and bumpy. Also, MOFUCKIN SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS PHILLY, DA BIRDS, DA IGGLES, U KNOW IM LIVING GOODBYE

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