This comic involves the depiction of often severe gang violence. This is not meant to function as a glorification of gang violence or assault weapons. In no way is this lifestyle synonymous with freedom or heroism for the protagonists. Pages will be tagged with warnings.
Posted February 26, 2018 at 5:58 pm
Hey guys!! Sorry again for not getting to my comments/emails yet, I had my exam today and literally immediately have two new assignments for the unit that hasn't even started yet :')))))) grad school is cool and good. I also just recently got my internship placement for the end of the year and it looks like I'm gonna be having a small move in my future. Will the universe ever let me just make comics? who's to say

I'll be trying my best to get back on the saddle this week, and I have spring break soon so that should definitely help. Enjoy the new page!!
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